Get to know our management team and members

RHI is coordinated by the EcoVadis Sector Initiative team and a dedicated EcoVadis Program Manager.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is RHI’s highest decision-making body. It comprises Executive Level representatives from each RHI member company. Each member designates a program representative to RHI. Meetings take place on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the ongoing projects.

Jinus Moghbeli
Director of Risk Management, Amgen
Robert Williams
Director Procurement Sustainability, AstraZeneca
Stéphane de Saint-Jean
Senior Vice President Global Purchasing, Biomerieux
Bridget Ferrari
Sustainable Procurement Regional Lead, Americas, Takeda
Amedeo Pineta
Global Head Procurement Center of Excellence, Governance, Risk & Sustainability, Teva
Wolfgang Rauch
Senior Vice President Procurement and ESO, STADA
Geert Behets
Sustainable Procurement and Risk Lead, UCB
Iryna Salanets
Head of Sourcing Governance, Boehringer Ingelheim

Coordination office

Annette Quincy
Sector Initiative Director at EcoVadis
Alessandra Frongillo
Sector Initiatives Senior Program Manager


The Responsible Health Initiative (RHI) currently has 10 members.

Prospective members shall

  • Fit the industry profile of the members of the Sector Initiative
  • Have a sustainable procurement vision and a first set of associated time-bound goals
  • Sign an EcoVadis Enterprise Agreement with the Sector Initiative membership addendum
For more details, see the documents below:

Application process

  1. Interview with EcoVadis Sector Initiative Program Manager
  2. Conduct the EcoVadis Sustainable Procurement Maturity Assessment
  3. CPO/CSO Interview with the EcoVadis Sector Initiative Director
  4. CPO/CSO presentation to the Initiative Members
  5. Potential objections from existing members will be vetted by the EcoVadis senior management team and must be evidence based

Become a member

RHI membership is open to pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology companies that are committed to sustainability and fulfill the RHI membership requirements.