RHI for Responsible Procurement as an accelerator and catalyst of impact

What we do

Most of the environmental, social and ethical challenges the world is facing are too big to be solved on an individual company level. RHI members aim to overcome this problem by engaging their suppliers in their sustainability rating and improvement journey as a peer group.

How We Do It

RHI members centralize on EcoVadis’ proven sustainability rating methodology, scorecards, and improvement platform. The EcoVadis Sector Initiative features are built as an antitrust-compliant network and allow for more efficient supplier onboarding, transparency, as well as collaboration and analytics. Together, these capabilities deliver RHI visibility across the health supply chain’s sustainability performance and allow RHI members to more effectively implement changes within the top priorities of their industry.

This results in a positive message towards their supplier community and a more coherent direction to enable targeted improvement. To realize this targeted improvement and meet the requirements of the health industry, RHI member suppliers will have access to additional capacity-building and engagement activities, as well as tools and best practices.

The EcoVadis value proposition is to accelerate members’ programs to drive impact at scale, enhanced by collaboration between industry peers, and underpinned by verified data collected through the assessments.

More about EcoVadis Sector Initiatives

How we measure that pooling efforts pays off

10% of EcoVadis enterprise sustainable procurement customers are Sector Initiative members and many more…
Requesting companies in a Sector Initiative have generated over 30% of EcoVadis scorecards.
Over the 5 past years we recorded a 33% higher average Net Conversion Rate (ratio of rated versus invited suppliers) → save effort and resources.
Once assessed, trading partners and suppliers are are more likely to continue demonstrated by a 9% points lower churn rate (suppliers stopping their reassessments).

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Become a member

RHI membership is open to pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology companies that are committed to sustainability and fulfill the RHI membership requirements.